Friday, 20 August 2010

Bedtime reading...

This post is obviously not hugely fashion related, but I felt that I should post this seeing as I can't put down this book! It came free with Glamour magazine but you can buy it in WHSmiths and the other two books she has released.
The book is all about this girl who finishes with her boyfriend and jets off to New York due to the break up. She gets a complete make-over and blows cash in Bloomingdales and in Marc Jacobs! (Alright for some, ey!? ha) Anyways, she ends up writing a blog online for 'The Look' magazine, about her break-up and how now she's dating two super hot guys. I seriously can't put this book down! It's so good, it's funny yet so true. I really recommend reading it! It's a proper girly book, and I suppose it's not that far out from blogging and fashion.


  1. I enjoyed the book too, but found it slightly unbelievable. All these hot, rich men throwing themselves at one woman. Not so sure about that one? I just enjoy all the shopping and beauty references made, but I always do with these sort of books. I don't think I would buy it, as a free book it was good.

  2. hmm do you think so? I can see what you mean, but at the end of the day it's a book and I suppose there's got to be some imgaination in it. I'm going to read her other two and see what they're like; I don't think they will be as good though. I do like this book because it's exactly how girls go on, with 'The rules' haha! Least it's cheery :)

  3. i've been looking for a new fiction book to read. Think I might try this one! Great post!

    p.s. following you, by the way! love your blog.

  4. I thought this book was going to be another rubbish freebie from a magasine, but I absolutly LOVED it. I also couldn't put it down, I just had to know who she was going to choose... It is exactly how girls go on 'The Rules'. Sometimes you follow your friends advice and thier made up rules, instead of following your heart!
    I am so glad you posted this!