Wednesday, 11 August 2010

No, No, No

However much Look Magazine states that they like her for doing this, and how they love the whole look - will not make me like it. Fair enough she has some courage to go to an event wearing hi-tops but come on, it does look slightly hideous! The outfit is actually alright (nothing I would wear or recommend; seeing as the belt just doesn't go) but to have wear it alongside trainers is just a definite no no!
I'm thinking if this was any other celebrity they would have been ripped to pieces about this but hmm maybe it's because she's youngish? I just couldn't go out in a pair of trainers; nevermind how comfy they were! They really make her whole look just fall apart and to be fair she's quite pretty and to me she seems to have a lot of potential to look stunning and stylish. I guess she hasn't realised yet or she's trying to set a new whole look? Well I think someone should inform her now that it's already been done by Lily Allen. So I personally think Eliza should ditch the trainers! And Look Magazine should wake back up into reality!


  1. Well her outfit is definitely not one of the greates :S i say NO too!

    xx Simonne

  2. haha, I'm really not a fan of this look at all!