Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

So, this season seems to be the season for SHOES (along with coats). This has to be the most perfect/worst moment for a girl like me. Due to the fact that I'm easily infatuated with shoes and I'd want to buy every pair that I love. Which is a bad thing, because I can't! God, I need to be in some high payed job when I'm older!
Right, so this season seems to be a huge mix of shoes! From; fur, clog boots, fringe, hiker boots, kitten heels...well, lets put it this way the list is endless! Somehow with this many shoes too choose from, I can't tell which is my favourite. I mean, I've never been a fan of kitten heels, but Stella McCartney has definitely changed my opinion on them. They have became to look so elegant and it's a perfect office look for the older woman. But then, I love the fur-look shoes, from low heels, to high heels to boots. Fur has been combined into pratically every style of shoes. I'm loving the clogs in Topshop that have been entwined in fur! Alot of people aren't particularly fond on this look, but to me, It has made winter stylish. No more, ugg boots, jeans, several t-shirts tucked under a huge thick coat; just to keep warm! Due to the fact that now there is fur in boots and shoes, so no need to chuck 3 pairs of socks on under some uggs, just to keep our toes warm. Who needs that anymore? When, there are gorgeous shoes out there ready to keep us warm and looking stylish in the lastest winter trends! Every shoe that has been brought out by every designer this season, in my opinion, is going to go down so well with this seasons camel coat. I can't wait to buy mine!

Shearling boots, Jimmy Choo, £750

Faux-leather Slingbacks, Stella McCartney, £365

Suede shoes with goat-fur trim, YSL, £735

Crocodile-skin foam heels, Balenciaga, £4,550

Black satin and rabbit-fur mules, Celine, £408

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  1. Those Jimmy Choo fur lined Boots are amazing. I want a pair :)