Monday, 13 September 2010

Victoria Beckham?

So, it's New York Fashion week and it's Victoria's fourth season is her fashion line. I can't decide whether I like her designs, I think they're all too 'her'. To me all her designs are just a copy of exactly what she would wear and to me they don't seem very original. I think designers need to design clothes slightly differently to what they wear everyday, because no offense but I wouldn't want to dress like Victoria Beckham, not that I have anything against the woman. Her clothes are just not me, at all. Well, I guess the woman is making money, but too me she has everything so easily, where people like me would have to work so hard to get into the fashion industry and would have to be something so unique. Whereas she isn't, somehow I think it's a waste. Anyways, here are some of her designs....

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