Tuesday, 31 August 2010

another obsession of mine...

RINGS. I can't stop buying rings! I've always thought i was bad with shoes and bags but rings has definitely taken the lead. At the moment I'm loving my scrabble ring, that I bought in Camden Market for just £3!!

But nothing will ever replace my Vivienne Westwood Armour ring! It's definitely one of my favourites, and I wear it all the time. I'm so happy my mam decided to buy it for me last year, it's certainly one of my best birthday presents! It's so unique and is really comfy on my finger as you think it would be annoying when you look at it, but it's far from it. The only thing that is slightly offputting is the price, which is £170. I think it's slightly just over priced for a ring, but then again it's gorgeous! ...BUT,

Recently, I was browsing River Island and I came across this ring that looked very similar to my Viv one. Although it was covered in diamonds, it was the exact same style and shape and even the armour parts moved just in the same way as mine. And for just £14.99, personally I thought it was a great bargain! Saves people spending £170 for a ring that you can get cheaper and it's in the exact same style!

Also, It looks like I'm leaving you's until saturday because I'm off to London. That means possibly no blogging until then : Although, it seems I haven't blogged that much due to being quite busy. I will try and blog as soon as I get the chance! Hopefully I find some great bargins whilst I'm away to show you's all!


  1. Rings are my new obsession. I want to build up a nice little collection x

  2. aaaaaaaah if i had that ring i wouldn't wear it in public, i'd use it as like an heirloom or only wear it on very special occasions! the river island one is a nice substitute but i love your vivienne one more :)

    also you can get scrabble necklaces on ebay as well... been so tempted to get one... you have ALMOST persuaded me. and by "almost", i mean "i'll do it tommorrow"

  3. Oooh man those rings are awesome!!