Saturday, 4 September 2010

I'm homeeee

London was so fun! I really wish I didn't have to come home, I really could have stayed there. I'm definitely going to consider moving there (once i'm a millionaire haha). I love the fact you can wander round and no one cares. I love how you can wear what you want, the latest trends to the most outrageous outfit...and still no one cares. Whereas when you go out around the North East (which is where I live), you can't wear what you want because everyone stares because you look original and not like every other person. For instance, every girl where I live dresses the same, the same type of flat shoes or boots with a body con skirt and top/blouse with the same hair style, which consists of either brown or blonde hair, extensions, side fringe and a huge flower on the side of their heads. (Which looks ridiculous!) I hate how people can be like this, it's offputting.

Anyways, London was great. If anyone reading this is from London or is going to visit, I definitely suggest a trip to Selfridges! As they had this huge exibition on of all the shoes from throughout the years of Viviennne Westwood. I had a right field day!! I'm so glad to have seen that, was rather memorable.

I can't say I came back with a lot, but I got some decent clothes and accessories :) Such as....

Claw ring from Topshop £10. Isn't this rather cool?

Linen Top from Topshop £18.

Hareem Pants from Topshop £38. I'm so so so happy I got the last pair of these! Seeing as all of them sold out really quick, including the black pair.

Flossy Shoes from Office. These have to be the most comfiest shoes ever! I already have a black pair which go with everything :) Although, these are unisex shoes they are only sold amongst the mens shoes in Office, and that is the only place i've seen them so far. They're a great bargain for £19.99! Great summer shoe, they're like a cheaper version of Toms but I think these have more style.

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  1. the claw ring = MEGA cool.

    aaaah the harem pants are so cool! lucky you that you suit them, they make me look so dowdy!xx